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Scott Boardman was born in Chicago and raised in the Chicago suburbs. After he graduated from Hoffman Estates High School, he attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he graduated in 1987.

After graduating from Purdue, he worked as a commercial fisherman for a year in Ponce Inlet, Florida, before beginning law school at Stetson University College of Law. While in law school, Scott discovered and developed a passion for criminal and constitutional law. As a result, during his senior year at Stetson, he applied for and was accepted into the Stetson University College of Law Public Defender Clinic. As such, and while he was still a student, he worked at the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s Office, where he was responsible for the defense of numerous criminal cases. Moreover, he was able to participate, as lead counsel, in two jury trials while still a student at Stetson. After completing his time as an intern for the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s office, Scott was absolutely convinced that he wanted to be a criminal defense attorney.

Scott thereafter applied for and interviewed for the law clerk position at Frank de la Grana, P.A. The firm hired Scott while he was still in law school, and he was able to immediately immerse himself in a vast array of criminal defense and constitutional law issues.

In fact, one of the areas in which the firm was heavily involved was the defense of First Amendment Issues. More specifically, the firm represented several adult bookstores with licensing, zoning, and criminal obscenity issues. As a result, Scott became well-versed in First Amendment issues and soon thereafter became a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association. He worked as an associate for Frank de la Grana P.A. until 1998, at which time he formed his firm: David Scott Boardman P.A., which maintained a very close working relationship with Frank de la Grana P.A., and, in fact, shared that same office space in Ybor City. Eventually, Frank de la Grana P.A. and David Scott Boardman P.A. merged into the present firm.

Case Results

Scott Boardman has litigated virtually every conceivable type of case, in every conceivable arena involving First and Fourth Amendment Issues, and has participated in several murder trials which were the subjects of media attention. Click on the defense case titles below to read more:

Defended comic book artist Michael Diana who was criminally prosecuted for his creation and distribution of Boiled Angel, which contained confrontational imagery, depicting bestiality, cannibalism, and sodomy. The case was the subject of a Playboy magazine article.
Defended a young man accused of throwing a large rock off of an overpass which struck a vehicle below and killed the driver. The case was televised live on Court TV.
Defended a young woman who was accused of orchestrating a drug rip-off which was made to look like a police raid. The target of the rip-off was driven to an isolated, rural bridge where he was laid on his stomach and shot in the back of the head at close range when he refused to divulge the location of his drugs. The government was seeking the death penalty.
Defended a man who was reputed to be a major narcotics supplier who was accused of killing a drug dealer who owed him money. Our use of innovative technology during the trial was the subject of an article in a local newspaper. Click here to read more.
Tried dozens of obscenity cases, including defending a clerk who was charged with criminal obscenity for selling a videotape which depicted male homosexual conduct. It was reported as the first criminal jury trial in which such specific conduct was prosecuted.
Brought suit against Pinellas County, Florida on behalf of several adult use establishments which resulted in a Federal District Court invalidating Pinellas County’s adult use licensing scheme.
1. Obtained an acquittal on charges where a man was charged in federal court, in Tampa, with possessing 940 lbs. of marijuana with intent to distribute. 2. Helped obtain an acquittal, as co-counsel, on charges of illegal export of firearms in federal court, in Miami.
1. Obtained a dismissal of all civil and criminal racketeering charges alleging a multi-jurisdictional internet prostitution organization. 2. Successfully represented the reputed leader of a cocaine distribution network who was charged with racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, and trafficking. After the jury had been selected, opening statements made, and most of the government’s case presented, his client was offered 2 years probation, with early termination after one year.
Obtained an acquittal for a school teacher who was charged with a sex crime, and stood to lose a substantial pension, if he had been convicted.

Community Involvement

Scott Boardman served for nine years on the Board of Directors of YANA, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping various 12-step recovery programs in Tampa. Scott is also a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association; and volunteers and assists with the Hillsborough County Jail Programs.


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