Sex Crimes

Are you or loved one terrified because you are facing a criminal charge for a sex crime?

A conviction for a sex offense could land you in prison for decades or life, and you may be forced to register as a sex offender.

At the law firm de la Grana | Boardman, we understand the seriousness of your situation, and we will work to obtain a reduction of your charges or a dismissal.

Our criminal defense attorneys have practiced criminal defense in Tampa for a combined total of over 55 years, so call de la Grana | Boardman now for an experienced legal representation if you are charged with any type of sex crime.

Indecent Exposure

In Florida, exposure of any sexual organ (exception is a mother breastfeeding) is a first-degree misdemeanor.

Statutory Rape

Statutory Rape is a second-degree felony and is committed when an adult engages in sexual activity, or forces or entices any sexual act with a child between 12-16 years old.

Sexual Battery

Sexual Battery is also known as “rape.” Any conviction of sexual battery is a felony in Florida. However, if a person commits sexual battery on a child, then it is a capital offense, which can carry life-sentence.


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